How it works

Ship from USA - Address

Ever spotted a flash deal on that you had to pass up, only because you didn’t have an address in the USA?
Or maybe it was a stylish pair of deck chairs at Target, a markdown on designer brands at Macy’s, or a new gadget that hadn’t been launched in your country yet?

Here at ZipKode, we make it easier for you to receive packages from your favourite US retailers. With our virtual address and parcel forwarding service, you’ll never have to miss out on US-exclusive products, discounts, and seasonal deals.

1. Get your ZipKode address

It's quick & easy! Register with ZipKode and instantly get your unique ZipKode US delivery address. Sign-up is free and includes access to our secure parcel customisation and tracking portal.


2. Shop Your Favourite US Stores

Shop to your heart’s content! Purchase from American retailers and marketplaces and have your orders delivered to your US ZipKode address at checkout. You’ll save 7% on purchases due to the fact that our warehouse is located in Delaware (where there is no sales tax).

3. Deliver to ZipKode

Your parcels are received, checked into your ZipKode 'locker' and stored securely until you are ready to ship. Choose from a variety of carriers according to your budget and preferred delivery time. Consolidate your orders to save on delivery costs or ship individually.

4. Receiving Your Parcels

Give us the 👍 to ship and your parcels will be on their way! Delivery time will depend on the carrier you’ve chosen, but you can track your parcel with the tracking number issued to your ZipKode account. You can always contact our team if you have any concerns regarding the status of your package.