Additional Services

Service Description Price
Photos - Standard (3)3 Photos - Outer carton, Shipping Label, Contents (Contents not removed or disturbed)$5.00
Photos - Advance (10) Up to 10 Photos - Outer carton, Shipping Label, Photo of each individual item. We do not open the factory packaging unless explicitly requested by the client$10.00
Video recording of packing process On request we can make and upload a recording of the process of handling and packing of your items in the final parcel ready for shipping $12.50
Parcel RegistrationIf a parcel is not registered in the client locker in MY ACCOUNT prior to delivery to ZipKode, our handlers will register the parcel manually. A photo of the address label will also be uploaded.  $2.00 per parcel
Content VerificationEnsure the contents match the packing list/invoice or the customer's description for quantity, dimensions, weight, etc. This includes a general photo of the contents.
Re-packaging of a parcel that is ready to ship We will gladly make any changes to parcles about to ship, be it changes to shipping mode/address or adding/removing items to/from the parcel. $10.00
USPS EMS or Priority Mail shipping charges as per tariffs Returns to sender, shipping within USA. Insurance and shipping time as per USPS terms and conditions. $8.50
Splitting up your parcel into two or more separate ones Parcel split-up upon Customer request. $10.00
Additional Inner Protection Items are sealed in a durable weather-proof protective plastic bag placed inside the box

Additional Outer ProtectionWe wrap and tightly seal the outside of your parcel with an additional layer of protective weather-proof plastic.
Delivering small packets door-to-door You can order door-to-door delivery of a parcel of up to 2 kg in every region of Russia. You can order door-to-door delivery over the phone by dialing the number in the notification. To ensure convenient and safe delivery of your order, the service will be completed by a phone call from the post office to the recipient number as indicated on the postal item in question. Delivery hours: your order will be delivered to the address indicated on the postal item by prior arrangement with the delivery person during their working hours. The recipient will need to present an ID. If the recipient is not there, the delivery person will leave a notice in the recipient’s post box to pick up their order at the local post office. 100 Rur (cash on delivery)