Our Services

We offer worldwide, speedy, and secure package forwarding from the US at competitive rates.

With a ZipKode account, you’ll get access to a free virtual address, choice of carrier, detailed package tracking, and top-class customer support.
But if you need a little something extra, here are some of the premium services we offer, from express dispatch to streamlined packaging:

Flash Delivery

Speed-up the handling of your parcel with ZipKode Flash. When your parcel is received at our warehouse it is immediately processed with express handling, express dispatch without spending time in your locker.

Choose Flash for single parcels that you want shipped immediately without delay. Flash parcels are sent in original packaging as received and cannot be combined with other parcels.

As quick as a flash, your parcel is In, Out and Enroute!


Save on shipping fees and reduce your environmental footprint with ZipKode’s consolidation service. Planning on ordering from a bunch of US retailers, but don’t want to pay international delivery charges on multiple packages? We can help with that.

Simply send all of your packages to your virtual ZipKode address or ‘locker,’ then choose consolidation as an add-on service. We’ll wait for all of your packages to arrive before combining them into a single box.

Not only will you cut down on waste, but you’ll only pay the delivery charge for that shipment, which we’ll either send out immediately or on a date of your choosing. On average you’ll save 75-80% compared to shipping these parcels individually!

Personal Shopper

With ZipKode Personal Shopper, we shop for you. Maybe you are having problems ordering or you simply prefer we navigate the purchase for you then try this service.

Go to the Personal Shopper page and request the item(s) you wish to purchase. Complete the online order form entering the purchase link to the item, description, quantity of item desired, product number and the cost. If the items are available and the cost matches the information in your request form then we will proceed with the purchase.

Once your items arrive at our warehouse they will be inspected and added to your locker, ready for shipping.