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Shop US websites for the huge variety of high-quality, hard-to-get items at the best prices that ordinarily may not be available in your country.

No US Sales Tax

ZipKode's warehouse is located in the state of Delaware (DE) which is one of only 5 US states which does not charge sales tax. You will save an additional 7% on your purchases.

Personal Shopper

ZipKode can make any purchase for you if you are having problems ordering or you simply prefer we navigate the purchase for you.


Cut out the waste. BIG savings when you combine multiple parcels into one single parcel, one shipment, one delivery. On average you’ll save 75-80% compared with shipping these multiple parcels individually.

Best Carrier Rates

Choice from a variety of carriers at highly discounted rates. You can choose considering your preference of speed and affordability

Quality Packing & Care

Our motto is “treat it like your own”! We pay particular attention to handling, safeguarding your purchases with superior packing supplies, ensuring a secure transit for your parcel.

Free Membership

There’s no Sign-up or Monthly membership fees at ZipKode. Get your unique US ZipKode address for FREE. We appreciate you choosing ZipKode, we don’t see a reason for charging more!